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Virginia Highlands, Chamblee Privacy Trees Decatur, GA

We Deliver and Plant Privacy Trees

If you live in Virginia Highlands or Chamblee and want a natural screen for privacy at your home, Jeremiah’s Landscape Services can help. We deliver and plant privacy trees that grow quickly to give you a natural screen of green around your home. Cypress, cedar, evergreens and other tree varieties are perfect for creating a privacy wall around your home and yard.

Often when you are trying to relax on your patio or pool deck, you are never really alone. Without a screen or barrier, your neighbors can often view your activities. A fence can provide a little seclusion, but most are only six feet or less. With privacy trees, you can have a taller barrier around your home, even giving you seclusion on homes with second story decks.

Trees that Grow Quickly

While some trees can take many years to grow, varieties used for privacy screens grow quickly and offer thick branches with a wide base. The Leyland cypress, the Deodar cedar and other varieties can grow three feet or more per year and offer a wide girth for screening. Within a few years, you can have a wall of green trees that provide adequate privacy for your home while adding a natural appeal to your yard.

Privacy trees are a low-maintenance and cost-effective option to give your home in Virginia Highlands or Chamblee a natural screen from prying eyes. Once installed, privacy trees require very little maintenance in comparison to fences. No painting, repairs or cleaning is needed, just an occasional pruning. Our team at Jeremiah’s Landscape Services can install your new privacy trees and come back to prune them when needed, leaving you more time to enjoy your secluded home.

Contact Jeremiah’s Landscape Services to learn more about adding privacy trees to your home. We are a full-service landscaping company for all your outdoor maintenance and installation needs.

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