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Retention Ponds Decatur, GA

Retention Pond Maintenance

Retention ponds are an essential feature in many neighborhoods and properties, providing a drainage area to reduce water intrusion issues. HOAs, neighborhoods and private property owners that rely on retention ponds as part of their drainage system must ensure these features are maintained to function properly. As part of our services at Jeremiah’s Landscape Services, we provide retention pond maintenance to meet local and state codes, as well as ensure drainage systems are working correctly.

Retention ponds require multiple components to work correctly. These basins have drains to let water in and outlets to dissipate water into the surrounding ground. There are risers and banks that need to be maintained. The goal is for retention ponds to receive excess stormwater and runoff from the elevated areas nearby, siphoning off water to avoid land erosion and other problems. As the pond becomes full, a small amount of water is allowed to seep back into the surrounding ground to maintain the correct moisture levels.

Cleaning and Repairing Retention Ponds

Retention ponds attract plant growth and debris that can clog drains and outlets. It is necessary to continually clean retention ponds and check drains to ensure they are able to perform correctly. Removing plant life around edges, water debris and sediment routinely can prevent retention pond failure. If not maintained, retention ponds can overflow, cause erosion and create backflow to the surrounding property.

Our crews at Jeremiah’s Landscape Services can perform the necessary retention pond maintenance needed to keep drainage systems working correctly. We can clean the pond, remove plant life and repair areas of erosion to extend the lifespan and function.

If you have a retention pond on your property or for your HOA/neighborhood in Druid Hills, Decatur, Sandy Springs or the surrounding area, contact Jeremiah’s Landscape Services for retention pond maintenance. We offer weekly, monthly or one-time retention pond cleanup, inspection and repairs.

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