Outdoor Kitchens: What Features Does Your Outdoor Kitchen Need?

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Building incredible outdoor kitchens is what we do at Jeremiah’s Landscape Services. If you’ve always dreamed of cooking outdoors in your very own backyard kitchen, you’re probably excited to start planning which features you’ll incorporate.

Outdoor Kitchens: What Features Does Your Outdoor Kitchen Need?

Here are some of the top features we recommend for outdoor kitchens:

  • A basic setup—First and foremost, your outdoor kitchen needs a built-in gas grill. Beyond this, most basic kitchen setups include a side burner, compact refrigerator, access doors, and a trash bin.
  • Options for cooking versatility—A gas grill doesn’t have to be the only way to cook in your outdoor kitchen. Some of the other features we see people incorporate include smokers, flat-top griddles, pizza ovens, charcoal grills, and power burners.
  • Outdoor beverage center—Having cold drinks easily accessible is a surefire way to throw a great outdoor gathering. We suggest adding a wine cooler, ice maker, kegerator, or a beverage center to your outdoor kitchen, especially if you’re big on entertaining.
  • Organizational features—You don’t want to go back and forth into the house every time you need something while you’re grilling. Include outdoor storage components, so you can keep everything you need near you while you grill in your outdoor kitchen.

We’re excited to discuss the plans you have for your outdoor kitchen. To get a quote or to tell us more about your vision, get in touch with us today!