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Over-seeding Decatur, GA

Decatur Lawn Over-Seeding

If you want your lawn to be thick and free from weeds, consider over-seeding. Over-seeding, a sometimes neglected chore, can revitalize an otherwise thinning, lackluster lawn. With just a small investment in your lawn services schedule and some fescue seed strategically planted in your yard, you can turn your yard into a lush oasis.

After a few years, grass slows down in its reproductive rate. Fescue over-seeding compensates for this slow down, increases your grass’s reproductive capabilities, and allows your lawn to recover that rich color and denseness it had when you first planted it.

Druid Hills Top Dressing

In addition, with the many varieties of seed on the market today, you can sow seed that is more disease resistant than what is already present on your yard, and the denseness that the over-seeding creates in your grass discourages weed growth as well.

At Jeremiah’s Landscape Services our professional lawn care technicians can advise you as to whether over-seeding will benefit your thinning lawn or not. We’ll take a look at your yard or business property and help you decide how to get back that lush, green, thick grass you started out with.

And, if over-seeding is the solution, we’ll schedule an over-seeding service (usually in the fall) for you and set you up with one of our lawn maintenance plans to ensure that it flourishes.

Tucker Overseeding

With over three years of lawn care experience, we know how to make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood or business park. Our professionals pride themselves in creating a yard that we can be proud of. Our goal is to give your property the curb appeal you have always dreamed of.

Call or contact our Decatur lawn overseeding company at Jeremiah’s Landscape Services when your property needs over-seeding. We service both residents and businesses. Our lawn care staff are ready to help you make your property’s lawn lush and beautiful.

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