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Core Aeration Decatur, GA

Decatur Core Aeration

A relatively simple process with the right equipment and know-how, core aeration, as part of our lawn services, removes small cores of soil and grass from your yard and allows water, nutrients and air to penetrate the root zone of your grass. And, with Georgia grasses having to survive in thick, clay soil, core aeration is one way to assure that your lawn remains healthy and lush year after year.

In any area where you have heavy soil compaction the pore space around grass roots is severely reduced and limits oxygen flow to those roots. And since roots need oxygen to grow, you want your yard to absorb all the nutrients and water they can to make sure your home or business yard is healthy and beautiful.

Druid Hills GA Lawn Aeration

Core aeration benefits your lawn by:

  • Preventing fertilizers and pesticides to run off your property
  • Increasing the amount of nutrients, water, and oxygen that move through the root zone of your yard
  • Improving root growth
  • Enhancing water infiltration in your yard from irrigation and rainfall
  • Increasing activity of soil microorganisms that decompose thatch

At Jeremiah’s Landscape Services, our core aeration service is well-planned, effective, and affordable. We offer core aeration of warm season grasses in the spring, and core aeration of cool season grasses in the summer. Our professional lawn care experts are knowledgeable of when your particular lawn needs aeration and we won’t try to convince you to aerate your lawn when you don’t need to.

Serving the Decatur, Druid Hills, and Tucker communities for more than three years, we’re here to help you create and maintain your home or business property to keep it looking its best. Contact Jeremiah’s Landscape Services today.

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