How To Build A Paver Patio In 5 Easy To Follow Steps

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This Is How We Build Paver Patios For Our Clients In And Around Georgia

It’s a good move to know what’s happening when you hire a contractor to do a home improvement project.

In this post, you can find out how to build a paver patio and the main factors that can stretch out the timeline.

Paver patio with roof structure

How Do They Build Paver Patios?

“What do we need to know now that we found out the cost to build a paver patio?” asks Joe.

Tiffany shakes her head. ”I don’t know, maybe how to build a paver patio? It’ll be good to know what the process is like.” Joe nods. “That’s a good point. We should probably find out before we hire anyone to start working.”

Tiffany unlocks her phone. “Let’s get on Google and see what we can find on how to build a paver patio.”

Here’s what the couple finds out:

How To Build A Paver Patio In 5 Steps

  1. Mark the boundaries for the paver patio
  2. Dig the foundation
    1. It’s possible we may need a mini excavator. Some contractors will take care of any damages to your yard
  3. Add gravel and compact it. This forms the base and makes it solid
  4. Level out the base
  5. Install the pavers

6 Main Factors That Can Change Paver Patio Installation Timelines

1. Bad weather. Bad weather makes for bad patios if you work during it. Everything turns muddy and slippery, plus it’s hard for us to see what we’re doing.

2. Size. More patio means more labor, equaling more time. Less patio takes less time because there’s less labor.

3. Complexity. Simple patios take less time to install while custom patios take longer. Custom patios have irregular shapes that take more time to build.

4. Materials on backorder. Some materials may take longer to get, especially due to the pandemic. A lot of other people want patios too, and they may be using the same materials ordered from the same place.

5. Digging obstacles. Utilities, plumbing, tree roots, electrical wires, and other obstacles can change how long it takes to build a paver patio. We may have to relocate the patio or the obstacle.

6. Upgrades. You may want a sitting wall or fire pit built into your patio. Anything that takes more work will take more time too.

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“The timeline stuff is a nice bonus to finding out how to build a paver patio,” says Joe. Tiffany nods. “Sure is! Let’s see what other patio info we can find on this blog.”

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