How Much Does A Paver Patio Cost To Install From Base To High-End?

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How Much Does A Paver Patio Cost To Install From Base To High-End?

This Is How Much Our Clients In Georgia Are Investing To Create Their Ideal Backyard

It’s a fantastic idea to look up the cost of paver patios! You can use the information to better budget.

In this post, you can find out paver patio prices. You can also discover the main reasons the price can change.

Irregularly shaped paver patio with larger pavers

You Know What Our Backyard Could Use?

“Our backyard’s kind of…boring,” sighs Tiffany.

“What do you mean?” asks Joe. “Well, it’s just grass and plants. We can’t use it for entertainment or relaxing. And if it rains then it’s unusable for a few days,” complains Tiffany.

Joe sighs. “Yeah, you’re right. What are you thinking? I know you have an idea for it,” he says with a small smile. Tiffany nods, smiling back. “I think we should put a paver patio out there. What do you think about that?”

Joe’s smile widens. “That sounds great! How much does a paver patio cost?” Tiffany shrugs as she picks her phone up. “Not sure, wanted to see if it was possible to get one before I looked into it. Let’s go ahead and Google it!” Joe nods as Tiffany starts looking.

Here’s what she finds:

How Much Does A Paver Patio Cost?

Paver patio with roof structure

A paver patio costs anywhere from $5,000 to $19,000 and higher. Paver patio prices mainly change due to size, shape, finishes, ground condition, site accessibility, and accessories.

Base, Average, And High-End Paver Patio Costs

Base. It costs around $5,000 for a 10×10 paver patio.

Average. The cost for an average paver patio around 12×15 feet is about $11,000.This includes borders too.

High-End. It’s about $19,000 or more for a 20×20 paver patio. This includes borders and you can customize it.

*See prices and a picture example. These prices are averages and can change depending on the factors below.

The 6 Main Reasons Paver Patio Costs Change

High end patio with roof and fireplace

1. Size. The size of your paver patio changes the amount of time, labor, and material needed. Larger patios tend to take more of these, causing the price to increase. Smaller ones take less, which means they tend to cost less.

2. Shape. Easy shapes like squares and circles take less time and labor to install. This keeps the price lower. Curves and more complex shapes are more difficult to install. They take more time and labor to finish, which drives the cost up.

3. Finishes. You can choose between a glossier finish and a matte finish. Each has a different cost because the benefits and material costs of each are different.

4. Ground condition. Some backyards are easier or harder to install paver patios in. Flat, level surfaces are ideal while hillier ones are more difficult. It takes more work to install, which drives up the cost to install a paver patio.

5. Site accessibility. Patios take a lot to install. If it’s easier to get everything needed to the project site our team doesn’t have to work as long or as hard. It’s like taking a paved path versus a steep mountain path. One takes way less time than the other.

6. Accessories. Sometimes a plain patio isn’t enough. People like to add fire pits, fireplaces, sitting walls, lighting, and more accessories. They help make patios more fun to hang out on.

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“Awesome, now we can start budgeting!” says Tiffany excitedly. Joe nods. “We should also keep looking through this blog and see what else there is on paver patios. Might find some more info that’ll be good to know.” Tiffany nods back and the couple starts looking for more.

More paver patio posts coming soon!