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French Drains Decatur, GA

French Drain Installation

Poor drainage can cause extensive damage to your property. Erosion, settling, sinking and destroyed landscaping are all outcomes of inadequate drainage. At Jeremiah’s Landscape Services, we are landscaping experts who can improve your yard and outdoor areas, including installing drainage solutions. One of the most effective drainage options we offer for our customers in the Atlanta area is a French drain installation.

What is a French Drain?

The goal of proper drainage is to divert excess water to storm drains, creek beds or retention ponds, moving it away from structures and yards. A French drain can be an effective drainage solution, using underground pipes to transport water to the desired location. French drains require a trench that is slightly sloped to use gravity to divert water to the outlet. A French drain can collect water run-off from structures and gutters, as well as divert water pooling in your yard. The discreet pipes are efficient at removing water that can cause foundation damage, erosion, settling and other water intrusion problems.

French drains are simple but require expertise and careful installation to work correctly. The right piping and trench grading need to be used to effectively divert water. Jeremiah’s Landscape Services can provide professional French drain installation designed for your property. Our professional crew can help reduce the chance of damage caused by excess water near buildings or landscaping. We can ensure the excess water is transported to a safe outlet that will not cause damage to the surrounding property.

If you have soggy areas in your yard or around your buildings or slope/hillside erosion, contact us at Jeremiah’s Landscape Services. We offer drainage solutions to stop erosion, settling and water intrusion, including French drain installation. Contact our office today to schedule a drainage evaluation on French drain installation.

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