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Erosion Control Decatur, GA

Erosion Control Services

Water, wind and other elements can create erosion problems that damage your property. If you have slopes, hills or loose soil, erosion control services can prevent topsoil loss, mud slides, sinkholes and other issues on your property. With lawn services from Jeremiah’s Landscape Services, we can repair erosion damage to your landscaping and install preventive erosion control to protect your property and investment.

Erosion occurs when the top layers of soil are lost due to gravity, water, wind or other factors. Heavy rainfall or flooding can cause a mudslide on a hill or slope, a sinkhole near your home or wind can blow away topsoil. The best solutions for erosion are preventive landscaping options that will secure topsoil and reduce water invasion. These can include:

  • Installing drainage solutions
  • Grading
  • Retaining walls
  • Planting grass or groundcover
  • Mulching
  • Matting

The goal of erosion control is to reduce the chance of topsoil shifting. Grass and groundcover are ideal, but some slopes and hills may need more extensive support. Our landscaping experts at Jeremiah’s Landscape Services can devise the best erosion control methods to protect your property.

Stop Hill and Slope Erosion

The biggest erosion problems occur on hills and slopes. Water flowing down the grade can rip away grass, soil and plants, creating a mess of your yard. Terracing hills, adding matting to secure grass or installing drainage to divert water can protect hills and slopes from erosion damage. We customize our erosion solutions to meet your needs and budget.

Many property owners do not consider the damage that erosion can cause until it is too late. At Jeremiah’s Landscape Services, we can provide preventive erosion control services to protect your investment in your home, business or property. Contact our team today to schedule an erosion evaluation with one of our landscaping specialists.

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