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Your Winter Lawn Care Can Make or Break Your Spring Landscape Decatur, GA

Your Winter Lawn Care Can Make or Break Your Spring Landscape

Pefectly Manicured Lawn

As we enter the cold winter months and spend more time indoors than out, don’t make the assumption that you can totally hibernate from your winter lawn care tasks. In fact, your lawn is relying on you to give it proper care during the winter months so that it can be healthy and pest-free when spring arrives!

The winter months can take a toll on your lawn. If you don’t protect it properly, you may be left with costly lawn services in the spring as you try to revive your grass or reverse fungus and pest damage. Here are some simple lawn tasks that need to be considered during the winter:

  1. Fertilize. If you haven’t already fertilized in the fall, early winter is the best time. You’ll want to make sure you give your lawn the nutrients it needs before the temperatures drop too low.
  2. Tidy Up. While you may not be using your lawn as much as you did during summer or fall, it still needs to be picked up and clear of toys, debris, lawn ornaments or other objects that can trap pesky critters and suffocate the grass underneath. This can lead unattractive, patchy lawn in the spring.
  3. Mow Shorter to Remove Thatch. Thatch refers to the tangled mess of grass, stems, and roots that are on the surface of the soil. Unfortunately, thatch can keep your lawn from thriving and getting the nutrition it needs to survive during the winter. Removing it is simple – just mow your lawn a little shorter in the winter than you do in other seasons.
  4. Control Weeds. Weeds don’t go away during the winter. They are still waiting to sabotage your lawn and hide harmful pests. However, just like other seasons, you can apply products to keep weeds under control during the winter. A pre-emergent typically keeps weeds away for about 3 months. As long as you remember to apply it early, you’re good to go in terms of weeds through the cooler months.
  5. Adjust Watering Schedule. The amount of water your lawn needs during the winter is drastically different than it demands in the summer or fall. It is important to adjust your irrigation schedule accordingly. Pests love damp areas and standing water. If you suspect your lawn is getting too much water despite cutting back on your irrigation, you may need to consider a drainage solution.

Hand It Over to a Professional

Did you know that most DIY lawn care tasks actually end up more expensive than hiring a lawn care expert? At Jeremiah’s Landscape Services, we are known for our experience, knowledge and affordability when it comes to lawn care services. If you don’t want our services all year long, we are happy to come out to winterize your lawn and take care of the above mentioned tasks so that your landscape has the best chance of success when the temperatures warm back up.

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