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What To Consider When Choosing Your Fencing Material Decatur, GA

What To Consider When Choosing Your Fencing Material

Fencing Decatur GA

Not all fences are created equal. Besides having a skilled installer, your fence should be made of the appropriate material. Fences come in various heights and can be constructed with wood, vinyl, wrought iron and other fencing material. Here are some factors you’ll need to consider when determining the best fencing material for your specific project:

Purpose of the Fence
Is it primarily for safety? Do you need to keep unwanted visitors away or to contain children or pets from venturing off your property? Others may want a fence to provide an attractive but defined border of their property line or to gain some privacy from their neighborhoods in their backyard. The reason for your fencing plays a strong role in what type of material will be best. For example, a wooden fence offers more privacy and appeal while an aluminum or chain link fence may be all you need to keep your pets from escaping.

Budget and Maintenance
As with any hardscape or landscaping investment, it is important to determine what you are willing to pay for a fence as well as how much time (if any) you are willing to spend maintaining it. Wooden fences may require more staining and upkeep than metal or wrought iron fences. In addition, certain materials may have a higher upfront price tag, but they often last longer and offer a larger return on your investment.

Climate/Weather Conditions
Will your fence be shaded or bake under the hot sun for several hours a day? The climate and weather conditions that your fence will be subjected to will play a significant role in determining the most suitable fencing material. A fence that fades or rusts quickly can be a waste of money.

Style of Your Home
Many homeowners and business owners choose a fencing material that compliments the style of their home. For example, wrought iron fences are often used in traditional and Victorian homes while Pickett fences can be the perfect accent to a country or rustic style home.

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