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Three Common Summer Lawn Diseases Decatur, GA

Three Common Summer Lawn Diseases

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Summer can be the time you enjoy your lawn most. Unfortunately, it is also a prime time for disease to spread throughout your turf. You’ll need to keep a close eye on your grass and address any unusual changes in appearance. Here are three common lawn diseases to watch out for this summer:

Dollar Spot

While this fungus can primarily affect golf courses and recreational turf, it can also be a problem in residential grasses. Dollar spot is true to its name, as it is identified by silver dollar sized patches of sunken, straw-colored grass. Treatment for dollar spot is based on its cause, which can include mowing too close, not getting enough lawn food or leaving wet leaves on your lawn for too long.

Brown Patch

This is the most damaging turfgrass disease caused by a fungus called Rhizoctonia. Brown patch is sneaky because the grass may first appear healthy when it is really infected. Once the temperatures reach 85 degrees during the day and above 70 degrees overnight, brown patch becomes active and quickly aggressive. It may first look like.

circular areas of brown and dead grass surrounded by a narrow, dark ring. It grows out from a central point and its circles can range from a few inches in diameter to several feet. To avoid brown patch, try not to use high levels of nitrogen in fast release form.

Lawn Rust

If your lawn is covered by a layer of orange or yellow tinted dust, you likely have lawn rust.

Another common fungal disease that can affect your summer turf is lawn rust. While dollar spot and brown patch may show up in early summer, lawn rust is more likely to present itself in late summer and even early fall. Lawn rust is relatively harmless and easily treated in most cases, though it can weaken your grass and stunt its growth. You can attempt to fertilize your lawn, mow it regularly and water it during the morning hours to discourage lawn rust growth. If needed, a fungicide can be applied to kill lawn rust.

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