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The Risk of Not Winterizing Your Irrigation System Decatur, GA

The Risk of Not Winterizing Your Irrigation System

Living in the south doesn’t always help us avoid harsh winter temperatures. In fact, just like northern properties, your Georgia home and landscape is likely to encounter some freezing temperatures each year. It is your responsibility to ensure those plummeting degrees don’t damage your lawn as well as what you use to take care of your lawn. More specifically, don’t let winter ruin your irrigation system.

When it comes to damage caused by freezing temperatures, your irrigation or sprinkler system is one of the most vulnerable and exposed components. Therefore, winterization of your irrigation system becomes a critical task before frost and freeze arrive, or before temperatures regularly hit 32 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Neglecting to winterize your irrigation can lead to consequences ranging from minor inconveniences to full-blown disasters.

When Your Irrigation Isn’t Prepared for Winter

Part of caring for your irrigation system is making sure it is protected from harsh winter temperatures. We know you won’t be using your sprinklers during this dormant season of your lawn, so it is important to shut it down properly until spring arrives.

Failing to winterize your irrigation system can lead to the following:

  • Cracked pipes and fittings
  • Broken sprinkler heads
  • Busted valves
  • Damaged backflow devices

Preventing Winter Damage

Prevention goes a long way in maintaining the condition of your irrigation system through each season. Winterizing your irrigation can look different for each homeowner. Depending on which type of sprinkler system is installed, your winterization may involve:

  • Shut off water supply to irrigation system
  • Turn off controller (timer)
  • Insulate exposed shut-off valve and above-ground piping
  • Disconnect any monitoring devices
  • Remove water from the pipes and pumps (blowout method or drain valves)
  • Close and protect the drain valves and backflow valves

Hire a Professional

Not sure you have the time or know-how to winterize your irrigation system? Turn to Jeremiah’s Landscape Services. We proudly offer affordable irrigation system maintenance, including services that will protect your irrigation and sprinkler investment during the winter months.

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