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Protecting Your Landscape from Summer Storms Decatur, GA

Protecting Your Landscape from Summer Storms

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If you’ve experienced a summer in Georgia, you know the familiarity of an afternoon thunderstorm. While these rain showers are great for cooling things off after a long day in the heat, they can often dump an excessive amount of water onto your landscape in a short amount of time. Is your landscape equipped to handle those frequent “pop-up” storms this summer?

While we know that water is essential for the life and growth of your plants, more is not always better. Whether you have plants, shrubs, flowers or vegetables, heavy rainfall that doesn’t drain properly can lead to rain-related fungi, dispersed mulch, dead patches of grass and the possible washing away of your landscape.

To prevent summer rainstorms from wreaking havoc on your landscape, consider these helpful tips:

Raise Your Beds
Helping your landscape survive heavy storms may be as simple as raising the bed of your plants and flowers to create a more well-drained soil environment. Aim for about 6 to 12 inches above the surrounding soil. This will allow the soil to drain and dry out faster than ground-level beds. Be aware that if there are times of drought, you may need to water these higher beds more than normal.

Consider a Drainage System
Sometimes it is impossible for your plants to escape a summer washout. For certain customers, a drainage system should be considered. A professional landscaper can help you engineer the best type of installation for your poor drainage, which could involve degrading your landscape, or installing a dry creek bed or French drain.

Mulch It
Mulch is an excellent ground cover that offers diverse benefits. It is not only aesthetically appealing, but it can also help your plants avoid rain-related fungi. Mulch can help prevent splashes of water on your plant leaves during a rainfall that can often spread diseases such as black spots, blight and other unwanted problems. Mulch can also help disperse the water more evenly and retain soil moisture during dry spells.

For more tips on how to protect your landscape during a Georgia summer, consult Jeremiah’s Landscape Services. Our skilled landscaping experts offer full-service lawn care, including affordable drainage solutions for your yard.

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