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Maintaining Your Fall Landscape Decatur, GA

Maintaining Your Fall Landscape

Hello Autumn

Who doesn’t love fall? Not only is it time for college football and pumpkin spice lattes, but we also get a chance to enjoy the outdoors at its best. Many people are ready to say goodbye to the sweltering Georgia heat and welcome the colorful variety of leaves and cool crisp Autumn air. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that your lawn care needs are over just because a cooler season is setting in. In fact, there are some specific steps you can take right now to ensure you preserve the health of your lawn and foster vibrant growth after winter pays a visit.

#1 Soil Testing

Have you ever analyzed your soil? Consider soil testing like you do routine bloodwork for your body. Soil testing can be the only way to know exactly what your soil needs to be at its best. If your soil is healthy and balanced, then your plants, flowers and grasses have an optimal chance of thriving too. Because soil composition can change over time, it is recommended that you acquire a sampling of your soil for testing every few years, and fall is the perfect time to complete this task.

#2 Fertilize and Nourish

Fall provides a great chance to give your lawn some extra love. Depending on your soil test results, you can lime your soil to raise the pH or provide other specific nutrients that your soil is lacking. Your trees, shrubs, beds and turf will also benefit from a hearty fall feeding. Add store-bought fertilizer to your lawn or ‘go organic’ by using mulched leaves as your free fertilizer.

#3 Plant New Trees and Shrubs

Want to change up your landscape design? Fall and early winter is an ideal time to introduce new trees and shrubs in Georgia. The cooler weather allows the new plants to settle in without the added stress of summer heat. For certain shrub or tree varieties, this season is also a good time for some light pruning before they go completely dormant.

#4 Mulch Tidy-Up

You may have to sacrifice a greener lawn as the fall and winter approach, but you can still keep your groundcover and flower beds tidy and attractive. If you have scattered or sparse mulch, take the time to apply new mulch or simply tidy it up this fall.

#5 Cover Cropping and Overseeding

Cover crops are a time-tested method to protect the soil during winter dormant season. While often used in an agricultural setting, the same principles can be applied to your personal landscape. In fact, you can consider overseeding your turf with a hardy grass species to serve as a type of cover cropping. Certain grasses require specific types of overseeding, so ask a lawn care specialist first.

Do these fall lawn care tasks overwhelm you? Whether you lack time, desire or know-how, it’s okay to hand over your lawn maintenance obligations to a professional. In fact, that’s what we specialize in at Jeremiah’s Landscape Services. Our services range from drainage solutions and seasonal planting to year-round maintenance, sod installation and more. Call today to get your quote!

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