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Don’t Miss These Summer Lawn Care Tips Decatur, GA

Don’t Miss These Summer Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Mower Cutting the Yard

Summer is the time that you use and enjoy your lawn the most. Unfortunately, the long, hot days of summer in Georgia can also be the most damaging to your landscape. To protect your lawn from high heat, drought and disease during the next few months, take the following steps:

#1 Weed Control
Weeds demand your vigilant watch all year long. In the summer, it is important to focus on boosting the health and thickness of your grass so that weeds won’t overtake your yard. You’ll need to target weeds early before they release seeds. This can be done with a post-emergent weed control application.

#2 Raise Your Lawn Mower
Summer in the south is known for hotter days and less rain. Therefore, you’ll need to cut your turf some slack when it comes to mowing. Raising the mower can help your lawn preserve more water so that it can better survive long periods of drought. However, be careful because letting your grass grow too high can attracts pests.

#3 Water Early
Your landscape will undoubtedly need irrigation during the summer. However, it is important that you water early and not as often. Early morning irrigation gives your grass the best chance of receiving the maximum amount of water it needs while still getting dry before nighttime. If you water in the evening, the extra moisture that is left won’t evaporate and your turf may become a breeding ground for pests and disease. Afternoon watering may not leave your grass with enough water, as it can evaporate quickly under the hot sun.

#4 Take Action Against Pests
Not only can insects ruin the enjoyment of your backyard, they can also damage its health and appearance. Follow specific guidelines for preventing pests such as mosquitos, fire ants and chinch bugs, which can major nuisances in the south.

Time to Hire a Professional?

Lawn care isn’t for everyone. Whether it is lack of time, know-how or desire, you don’t have to tackle your summer lawn by yourself. Our experts at Jeremiah Landscape Services are here to help create a beautiful and healthy lawn this summer. Call today to learn more about our expansive range of lawn care services and hardscape installations.

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