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Beginner’s Guide to Lawn Watering Decatur, GA

Beginner’s Guide to Lawn Watering

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Like most living things, your grass relies on water to survive. In fact, how much, how often and when it is watered can make a significant difference in how your grass looks and thrives. Lawn irrigation is far more than just putting a sprinkler in the center of your yard. It is not hard science, but it does require some forethought and attention. Overwatering can lead to fungus and diseases within your grass, while not watering enough can starve your turf to its death.

Here are some general guidelines to help you give your lawn the water it needs for optimal health this year:

Should You Water?

Whether or not your lawn needs water depends on the type of grass as well as several environmental factors such as wind, humidity, rainfall and temperature. Don’t assume that your lawn needs irrigation until you first check for the signs to confirm. Your grass may need water when it presents a blue-gray tint and/or its older leaf blades begin to curl up or wilt. In addition, you may notice that your footprint stays on the grass longer than normal, as the blades may not bounce back right away. If nearly half of your turf is showing these warning signs, turn on your sprinkler or pick up your hose.

When To Water?

Did you know that the time of day you water is important? In general, early in the morning is best because there is less wind and hot sun to evaporate your watering efforts. Your turf will also have plenty of time to dry out so that it doesn’t stay soggy through the nighttime hours, which invites mildew and fungus.

How Long to Water?

Most lawns demand about 1-2 inches of water per week. At each watering session, you should water long enough to saturate the soil up to six inches deep to ensure the roots get hydrated. The actual number of minutes you keep your sprinkler on depends on the slope of your yard, time of year, weather conditions at the time and other factors. If you water so much that you see water draining out of your grass onto the driveway or sidewalk, then you probably need to turn off the sprinkler. Aim to water 20-30 minutes at a time and evaluate your soil afterwards.

There are many other factors to consider when setting up a lawn irrigation system. At Jeremiah’s Landscape Services, we have the expertise you need to install and repair irrigation systems to ensure your turf is getting an even and adequate supply of water. For more irrigation advice or to schedule a service, please contact our Decatur landscapers today!

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