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5 Ways to Mosquito-Proof Your Landscape Decatur, GA

5 Ways to Mosquito-Proof Your Landscape

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Living in the south certainly has its perks. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are not one of them. With Georgia’s warm climate, “mosquito season” generally persists from March to October. Pesky mosquitoes can steal the fun of backyard barbeques, lawn games with your kids and many other outdoor activities during these months.

While professional mosquito treatments can offer a successful solution, there are other things you can do in your yard to control mosquitoes this year:

#1 Get Rid of Stagnant Water
Mosquitoes loves shallow pools of water. While you may not have a pond or pool to worry about, it is important to evaluate your lawn for sneaky areas that are gathering water, such as under toys, flowerpots, garbage cans, gutters, etc. You may even need to address an area of soggy grass that proves your landscape isn’t draining properly. Eliminating stagnant water can remove gathering grounds for mosquitoes.

#2 Check Out Natural Repellents
If you prefer not to use chemical bug repellents in your yard, you may want to consider your natural options. There are certain plants that produce defensive substances to deter insects. Many of these plant varieties (like Citronella) need to be damaged in order to stimulate the release of the repellent.

#3 Shield Yourself
Some homeowners find it easier to leave the mosquitoes but protect themselves when they go outside. A DEET-containing lotion or spray can be used on kids and adults to shield the skin from biting insects. It is also proven that light colors are less likely to attract mosquitoes.

#4 Lighten Things Up
There are many mosquito-deterring luminaries and candles that can be used during your outdoor gatherings. These sources of light can create a cozy ambiance for your guests while keeping insects from ruining the party.

#5 Hire an Expert
Still not winning the battle against mosquitoes on your property? Contact our lawn experts at Jeremiah Landscape. We can offer professional evaluation and advice on what action steps need to be taken to eliminate these stubborn and pesky insects from your landscape. Our priority is to make your yard a usable, attractive and enjoyable space.

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