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4 Signs a Retaining Wall Is Right for You Decatur, GA

4 Signs a Retaining Wall Is Right for You

Stone Retaining Wall

If your house was built on a steep hill, your landscape may be threatened with every storm or hard rain that arises. Soil erosion and flooding can quickly ruin your landscape, wash away your yard investments and even pose a threat to your home’s foundation. One of the most proven ways to solve drainage and erosion issues is a retaining wall. Retaining walls can come in all sizes and materials. Most importantly, they can offer both function and beauty when constructed and installed by an experienced landscaping professional.

Do You Need a Retaining Wall?

Not all sloped properties need a retaining wall, but it is important to realize when yours does. The need for a retaining wall is best determined on the front end, or before erosion ruins your landscape. Here are some common signs that you need professional retaining wall installation:

#1 You Want Your Sloped Property to Be More Usable
Think your sloped backyard is wasted space? Not necessarily. A retaining wall can quickly create a level space on a sloped or steep property. This can allow homeowners to install a patio, more parking, a sport court or even area of grass to play on.

#2 You Need to Prevent Erosion and Flooding
Is your landscape displaying signs of erosion, such as migrating soil/mulch, exposed tree roots and loss of dirt around your home foundation? A retaining wall can save your landscape and prevent further damage by controlling and diverting rainwater to a place that doesn’t cause harm.

#3 You Want to Add Definition and Esthetics to an Existing Hill
A large hill isn’t always attractive. However, a retaining wall can define a slope on your property and create depth and beauty. Multiple levels or terraces on a steep hill can greatly improve your yard’s aesthetics as well as the value of your home.

#4 You Need Extra Seating
Retaining walls can be uniquely designed to serve their functional purpose of erosion control while also providing functional benefits for your family and guests. Retaining walls can create valued seating space on both commercial and residential properties.

At Jeremiah Landscape Services, we understand the importance of adding both function and beauty when designing and installing a retaining wall. We also know that each landscape is unique in terms of structure, size and style. Therefore, we proudly offer a wide range of top quality retaining walls and materials to choose from. Call our Decatur landscaping team to schedule your retaining wall installation today!

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