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Protecting Your Landscape from Summer Storms Decatur, GA

Protecting Your Landscape from Summer Storms

Pefectly Manicured Lawn

If you’ve experienced a summer in Georgia, you know the familiarity of an afternoon thunderstorm. While these rain showers are great for cooling things off after a long day in the heat, they can often dump an excessive amount of water onto your landscape in a short amount of time. Is your landscape equipped to…

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Reasons for Dead Patches in Your Lawn

Lawn Care

Are dead patches and bare spots sabotaging your pretty lawn? This doesn’t mean your entire turf will fail. It does mean, however, that you need to properly identify the cause of the dead patches and initiate a solution quickly. With the help of a professional landscaper, you can restore the beauty and vitality of your…

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How to Successfully Lay Sod in Your Georgia Yard

Sod Installation

Laying sod is one of the most fulfilling landscaping tasks. Right before your eyes, you can watch a barren piece of land transform to into a lush, thriving and usable lawn. While laying sod isn’t super complicated, it does require some skill and know-how. There is a specific and proper process you’ll need to follow…

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5 Ways to Mosquito-Proof Your Landscape

Seasonal Plants

Living in the south certainly has its perks. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are not one of them. With Georgia’s warm climate, “mosquito season” generally persists from March to October. Pesky mosquitoes can steal the fun of backyard barbeques, lawn games with your kids and many other outdoor activities during these months. While professional mosquito treatments can offer…

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Top Reasons to Mulch

Backyard Landscaping Decatur GA

It is hard to find a landscape that doesn’t benefit from mulch. Whether you choose pine straw or bark, mulch can add aesthetic, functional and health benefits to your outdoor space. While inorganic mulch does bring a variety of perks to your landscape, the organic varieties (such as wood chips, shredded hardwood, etc) offer the…

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Winter Tree Pruning Offers These Benefits

Winter is the season that your trees go bare and dormant. However, that doesn’t mean you should hibernate with them. In fact, a little pruning and shaping during the winter months can provide big benefits for the health and appearance of your trees throughout the year. Here are some reasons to get out your pruning…

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4 Reasons to Hire a Landscaping Company This Winter

Lawn Mowing

It’s common to think about hiring a professional landscaping company during the spring and summer months, but did you know that having an expert’s hands on your yard can be equally important during the cooler months of winter? While winter landscapes are often filled with dormant grass, fallen leaves and vacant flower beds, there are…

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Ready to Solve Your Drainage Problem?

Drainage Installation

When it comes to poor drainage in your yard, it is important to recognize and address the problem as soon as possible. Ignoring (or being oblivious) to a drainage issue can wreak havoc on your landscape, hardscapes and even your home’s foundation. To avoid cracked patios, root rotted plants and swarming mosquitoes in your outdoor…

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Fall in Love with Fall Annuals

We love fall many reasons. While football and pumpkin lattes certainly top the list, it is the vibrant autumn colors outside our windows that truly define this favored season of the year. Beyond the changing leaves on your backyard trees, you can also plant fall annuals to give your landscape a boost of color. Annuals…

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Controlling Mosquitoes in Your Fall Backyard

Backyard Lawns Decatur GA

If you are like most Georgians, you are ready for the more comfortable temperatures of fall. Whether it is a game of family corn hole or a casual neighborhood barbeque, the fall season often means more time outdoors. Unfortunately, pesky mosquitoes are still likely to linger into the fall season and won’t die off until…

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